The main focus of our project is environmental education and ecology.
We are working with 4 main topics: water, sun, air and soil in connection with a tree. The tree is for us a symbol of life on earth and human.

Freitag, 6. März 2015

Women´s day

International Women´s Day (IWD)
The international women´s day already provided for discussion material in the kindergarten. Thus from this cause the small ones get to know the different family structures in different cultures. The world woman day at the 8th of march was already a topic in the kindergarten. In the education work different cultures were learned to know, the different family structures were discussed and pointed out, which appreciation is against brought to the women and children within the family and the society. As visible indication the children presented a self-tinkered sun to their mothers as indications of strength, power, energy, life.
We would have remained as unsuccessful nevertheless, without fight and so some defeat.

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